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    Introducing next generation
    solar inverters
    now made in India
  • Inverter with GSM
    based smart
    remote monitoring

New range of PV inverters

The RADIUS range of PV inverters represents the most advanced technology in the sector for controlling state-of-the-art industrial and civil PV plants. Maximum energy efficiency, long-term reliability, plant monitoring and high-level professional service are the cornerstones of the RADIUS range.

  • Fan less inverter for natural cooling.
  • Graphical LCD display
  • IP65 for outdoor mounting.
  • In-build memory to store energy data up to 10 years.
  • In-built string level monitoring for each string
  • In-built DC disconnection Switch
  • Advanced 3-level IGBT switching.
  • In-built fuse protection for each positive and negative line of each string.
  • Full power upto 50 °C without any derating & opration upto 60 °C.

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