Make In India On Grid Solar Inverters


Natural Cooling (fan-less)

No Cooling fans = no maintenance forever
Operation from -20°C to +60°C Ambient
Especially suited for dusty Indian Conditions

In-built DC Fuses & string fault detection

Fuses on both poles (+/-) of each string
Current sensor for each string

In-built DC disconnection switch

Integrated DC disconnection switch

Integrated Protection

Over temperature protection
Over current protection
DC and AC Overvoltage protection
On Grid Inverters

Integrated data-storage

Internal storage of energy generation data up to 10 years

Widescreen Display

Additional LED indications for status/alarm warning
The large Graphical display gives an instantaneous view of all the relevant information

Integrated Input/Output

3 Analogue inputs for environmental sensors
2 Digital inputs (24V)
2 Digital outputs (24V)

Communication Interface

2 independent RS485 ports
USB port


Radius 10kW
Radius 15kW
Radius 20kW
Radius 25kW
Radius 34kW
Radius 50kW
Data Sheet Data Sheet.pdf Data Sheet.pdf
User manual Usermanual.pdf Usermanual.pdf Usermanual.pdf
IEC 60068 (Environmental Tests) IEC 60068.pdf IEC 60068.pdf IEC 60068.pdf Self-certification
IEC 61683 (Efficiency Tests) IEC 61683-10kW-2M.pdf IEC 61683.pdf IEC 61683-20kW-2M.pdf IEC 61683.pdf IEC 61683.pdf
IEC 61727 (Characteristics of Utility interface) IEC 61727 & 62116.pdf IEC 61727 & 62116.pdf IEC 61727 & 62116.pdf
IEC 62116 (anti-islanding)
IEC 62109-1 & IEC 62109-2 (safety standard for solar power converters) IEC 62109.pdf IEC 62109.pdf
IEC60529 (IP65 test) IEC60529.pdf IEC60529.pdf
IEC61000 (EMI/EMC) IEC61000.pdf

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